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MediaPro’s mission is to help media continue to thrive by reclaiming and retaining the very foundation of the business.

Loyal, local advertisers

Who is MediaPro?

Founded in Australia in 2003, and now operating throughout the world, MediaPro is a revenue growth specialist dedicated entirely to media.
MediaPro’s specialist team is the world’s best at upskilling media salespeople, engaging key decision makers and showcasing media assets and strengths to their market.


The key driver of revenue growth in media is the unique and powerful ADvantage Club program. For the local businesses in your community, the ADvantage Club provides access to traditional and digital media platforms to connect them with more customers in a way that is both effective and affordable.


MediaPro’s Success

A proven formula in media since 2003, MediaPro’s club program boasts current membership of over 2,000 local businesses, which in turn, generates more than $30 Million in annual revenue for our media clients throughout the world.

What our clients say

Our strongest advocates are our successful clients, all of whom have agreed to exchange experiences and success stories with any media organization considering a partnership with MediaPro. Contact details on request.


“I’d recommend the MediaPro program to any newspaper. It is truly new business, it is significant, and it sticks.”

Paul Ingegneri

VP, Advertising
San Diego Union Tribune


“We can go to the bank on the dollars we know are coming because we have such a high retention rate on this program”.

Robert York

New York Daily News


“The Star ADvantage Club has quickly become a vital strategy for the long term growth of the Honolulu Star Advertiser".

Dave Kennedy

Chief Revenue Officer
Oahu Publications, Inc


“Thank you all  for guiding us through this exciting program. Your enthusiasm & energy kept us going even on the scariest of days."

Polly Shepherd

Regional Publisher 
SOUND Publishing Seattle

MediaPro logo-white-2018

About us

We grow media revenue, content and relationships by engaging thousands of local businesses  with our highly successful advertiser membership program. The ADvantage Club is a highly sophisticated and unique concept in media providing salespeople with powerful techniques and tools to reach well beyond the traditional customer and deliver true and substantial new revenue growth.

How are we different?

MediaPro has reinvented the way media inventory is sold and distributed. At MediaPro we have dedicated ourselves to the development of a truly unique revenue growth program. This ensures our media clients look professional, their salespeople feel and sound passionate and potential customers feel like valued partners.

Why do we exist?

The ADvantage Club program connects more local consumers with local businesses, services, and solutions using the vast resources and power of traditional and digital media.
Local businesses are the foundation of a strong economy, and a strong media company, providing vital employment and keeping local money local.

What problem are we solving?

The ADvantage Club engages local businesses that would otherwise never have access to their local media platforms and provides them with effective and affordable marketing solutions. Plus, by providing consumers with more local content, products, and solutions, our media clients are experiencing increases in both audience and revenue.

Talk to us today about how we can help you and your community grow.

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